How to Buy Used Bikes on Craigslist (and Other Online Marketplaces)

Are you thinking of purchasing an used bicycle through Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, LesPAC, or any other Online Market Place? The purchase of a used bike could make a huge difference in cash. In addition, since the Covid-19 pandemic, bicycle sales have increased to the point that manufacturers have been unable to keep pace with the demand. There’s a shortage across the world of new bikes and the shortage is anticipated to continue until 2022. Therefore, it could be difficult to find the model and make of bike you desire. A used bike purchase can help to save money. The best way to search for a used bike is typically on the internet.

Here’s a complete guideline to help you purchase an affordable, high-quality used bike without being ripped off. This guide will teach you the right way to conduct your research and what to look out for, and what brands are safe to buy.

Used Bikes are a Way to Save Money and Have Fun

The purchase of a second-hand bike is among the most affordable methods available to save money and enjoy enjoyable. Between $100 to $250, you could locate a decent used bike that won’t require repair; while for between $250 and $500, you can get a great used bike that could cost well over $1000 new. I’ve purchased a number of bikes from Craigslist and have loved every one of them. I came across the Specialized mountain bike listed below in Craigslist within Palm Springs.

However, purchasing used motorcycles on Craigslist, eBay, or any other site online is a sign of Caveat Emptor – Buyer beware! There are bargains available and, no doubt, there are bargains to be had. Many people own great bikes they never make use of, and you might find for a reasonable price. However, there could be dangerous pitfalls when buying second-hand bikes. This article will assist you in avoiding getting scammed.

Where Can You Buy Used Bikes Online?

There are numerous alternatives for purchasing used bikes online, based on the location you reside in. Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree road cc, local cycling forums, and eBay with distance filters are all excellent places to search for your bicycle. There are many areas with cycling communities on Facebook. It is possible to locate swap meet groups where you can search for bargain bicycles.

Personally, I use Craigslist due to the fact that I frequently travel as well as there exist Craigslist websites for all major cities. Which one you choose to use , eBay, LesPAC or any other online marketplace is mostly dependent on your own personal preferences There are plenty of good sites to search. Personally, I prefer Craiglist to find used bikes as well as Kijiji is great for puppy sales!

Narrow Down Your Search: Type of Bike, and Size

The first step is to think about the kind of bike you’d like to have and the size it should be. Perhaps, for instance, you’re looking to go for cycling training on roads that are paved. If so it is likely that you will need the road bike. There is a detailed article on the different types of bikes that you can pick from, right here.

If you know what kind of bike you’d like it is important to be aware of the size of bike will fit your needs. If you’re not certain then read our article on the process of determining your bike’s size.

Research Reviews of the Used Bike on the Internet

When you locate a secondhand bike that you like The best advice I can offer the buyer is to spend some time searching Google and read everything you can concerning the vehicle, particularly reviews.

For example, let’s suppose you’ve figured out that you’re in search of a road bike for men in of 54cm in size, and a priced between $400 to $900. You browse the classifieds, and you find an advertisement that is ” 2017 Specialized Sequoia road bike 54 cm – $850.” You know it’s the proper size, the correct kind , and within the appropriate price. Now is the time to begin doing some further investigation.

To get started To do this, visit Google and search for the bike’s name and “Reviews,” as in ” Specialized Sequoia 2017 reviews.” This search will provide plenty of information. A few of them will be contradictory as people are inclined to have differing opinions, but there will be trends.

What you’ll discover through this search is that most cyclists adore the bike, and it is known as an extremely comfortable road bike that can endure. This means that you can comfortably take it on long distances. Also, you will learn that it’s a top-quality road bike that is often referred to as an entry-level race bike. This means that you can use it for your initial road racing, or be a part of a social biking event , such as that of the Enbridge Cycle for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

If you’re planning to do this you’re on the right track the bike you are looking at is definitely a possibility.

Even though you’re aware the bike is great bike, you don’t be sure if $850 is acceptable asking cost to purchase this bike. This is why you need to look into new prices for used bikes.

Research New Bike Prices Before You Buy a Used Bike

If you’ve decided on the kind of used bike that you would like to purchase, head to the internet or the bike shop, and compare prices for new bikes. This way, you’ll be more knowledgeable about whether you’re buying a bargain or not. This is important since there are some selling used bikes at ridiculously high prices.

It could be that they’re trying to rip people off. It could also be a lack of knowledge about the cost of brand new bikes. For instance, this could be the case when someone is selling his child’s bicycle when the child is grown up and moves out of the home. In the end, it’s your responsibility to learn a lesson or two about the cost of bikes.

For instance, I would not spend $350 on an all-new bike purchased from Sears (actually I would probably pay close to that amount to stay clear of using the Sears bicycle). Therefore, why would I spend the amount for the Sears bike that’s nearly the age of 40? However, I’ve seen outrageous prices on websites …

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

In our case for Sequoia Specialized was launched in 2009. Sequoia Specialized, you would be required to visit the Specialized website and look up the latest prices on bikes. You will encounter the most common issue in price research for bikes – Specialized has stopped selling bikes branded Sequoia. Like smartphones and tablets, they constantly change the names. It’s really annoying. But don’t fret All you need to do is find the similar type of bicycle.

A little bit of research will inform your that it is the Specialized Secteur Sport Triple is also an entry-level road/racing bicycle that is adored by riders for its speed and comfort as well as having similar components like the Sequoia. But you can get a new one for $1,100. And not only that, the one in the lower end of this price range is it’s the Specialized Secteur Triple, would probably be able to meet your needs as well. And it’s only $880 when new!

Make Sure the Price is a Good Deal

This data tells you that the price of the Sequoia is way too expensive and you’ll need to keep searching if you would like to find an affordable price. It is also possible to determine whether the seller is willing to accept an acceptable price. Inform them of the results of your investigation, and they might simply be open to reasons and settle for an offer that is more realistic.

Another illustration of how knowing the latest price of bikes can aid. Let’s say you decide to purchase a tough urban bike for commuting, manufactured by Trek. A new bike such as this can cost anything between $529.99 for the Trek Earl, to $2,649.99 for an Trek Valencia. This is a broad cost range, and a variety of high-quality. The comparable used bikes show an even greater cost range.

A quick look on Craigslist revealed a pre-owned Trek Earl for $275, and two Trek Valencias that were previously owned for $450. Of the two Valencias one claimed it was from 2010 while the other claimed that it’s “a few years old.” I’d choose the one that is 2010. The other one could be older and, when the owner doesn’t know the year of the bike, the bike may be stolen or had several owners.

Additionally, if I were able to be able to afford it, I’d opt for the Valencia instead of the Earl, as the price used is an increase in savings over the cost of the Valencia as compared with the price of Earl. This is why you will find that it’s worth researching the latest prices.

Verify the Year the Used Bike was Manufactured

In the majority of cases bikes are made in a specific color. This is an excellent opportunity to check the claims of sellers. For instance I saw an 2011. Specialized Dolce road bike advertised at $749 via Craigslist. It was a decent price. eBay revealed that the exact year and model bike was auctioned at $999.

The problem was that the picture included a dark red motorcycle. If you look up “2011 Specialized Dolce” (and I did) you’ll find that there isn’t any anything as a red Specialized Dolce. That year the bikes were produced using the white color. This shows that the seller isn’t to be trusted.

My suspicions were confirmed when the advertisement changed days later, and the photo substituted by a generic picture with the year of manufacturing removed from the advertisement. The price remained the same however, my Google research had led me to be fairly certain that the deep red Dolces were produced in the year 2008. Other people were advertising the same year and model at approximately $550, which means I wasn’t interested in.

Think about a brand new bike from a previous year

Another thing to bear in your mind is that bicycle shops often have models that are 1 to 3 years old out of. For instance you might find them selling a model from 2018 in 2020. It is possible to get an extremely reasonable price on these old models, even better than the price you’d pay for the exact model in used condition. Also that this model comes with a brand new warranty.

You’re more likely to succeed in this endeavor If you’re of a unique size, like large, extra small or big – the bikes may not have sold if an extremely small or massive person did not show to buy the bikes!

Research Used Bike Prices Before You Buy a Used Bike

Alongside the latest prices, it is also advisable to look into current price. For example look up what other sellers are selling similar vehicles for sale on Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay and other market websites. Check the prices at the end of auctions for eBay for similar vehicles. This will provide you with an idea of whether the asking price is fair.

Additionally, there are excellent cycling forums online that allow you to interact with other experienced cyclists. Ask whether the asking price is reasonable, and ask if anyone has prior experience with the bicycle you’re thinking of buying. You can find a wealth of information at no cost. In return you’ll soon be able to offer some advice on your own!

Keep in mind that year production can make a big difference. For example that some of the latest Raleighs are excellent and some of the older models are really clunkers.

How Can You Judge the Value of Older Bikes?

It’s a lot harder to assess the value that older vehicles. A bike that is just a year old is likely to cost more than one that’s ten year older. However, when a bike is older than 30 years old, it could be classified as an antique bike and it may be priced as high as the latest models, and perhaps more costly.

Of course, it is important to conduct your own research and ensure that the bike is actually a vintage bike. In addition, you should have a compelling reason behind purchasing a vintage bike. In general, if you only have one bike , and you intend to use it for leisure then you shouldn’t look at old bikes. They could prove to be more maintenance-intensive than you would like or require.

If you do want an old-fashioned bike Don’t fall for the trap of thinking it’s just because the advertisement mentions “Rare” or “Vintage.” Don’t rely on the seller’s word for it . Check for yourself using the Net.

Make sure to check the condition of the Used Bike prior to you purchase

After you’ve done the research you can, now it’s now time to go out and check out some of the bikes that are advertised. When you take this step, make sure to do as much research as you can. Of course the results will be contingent on the level of your bike knowledge However, do make sure to check at least these points:

Bottom bracket

Use both cranks, and try to move from side to side. This should not be likely (if it does move the other way, it means there is an unbalanced bottom bracket).


Are they functional? If not then are they rusted or do they have broken or loose cables the brake cables and the plastic sheath surrounding them must not be rusty and shouldn’t be stretched. In the event that they’re frayed, they’ll require replacement. It could occur that brake pads require replacement, which is a relatively inexpensive solution.


Look for rusted damaged, or kinked cables.


Verify whether the state of the chain, since it can indicate the amount of usage the bike has received. First of all, look for signs that it’s rusty, sagging or filthy. All of these signs indicate of a bike that has seen lots of usage or is not being properly taken to.

Examine on the condition of your chain. Even even if the chain is in good condition and appears in good shape It could still be in the process of being worn out. However, it’s nearly impossible to determine the amount of wear and tear the chain has endured by looking at it with your naked eyes. This means that people could use a bike that has been through many miles of use in the past as “barely used,” and take advantage of it. If you’re determined to find the best deal on a bike it’s a good idea to consider investing in a device known as an indicator of the wear of your chain.

The cost of a chain wear indicator is less than $11 and allows even beginners to instantly determine how much wear the chain has experienced. Simply place the device on the chain, and then observe how low it goes. If it’s stating that the chain is at 75% wear while the seller claims that the bike has been “barely used,” you can tell you’re being misled by the salesperson. Since the chain isn’t able to leave by itself and must carry the entire bike This could alert you not to believe anything else the seller claims.


Take a look at the forks closely to make sure whether they’re in a parallel position. Make sure that the forks do not move both forwards and backwards within the frame (which indicates that your headset may be loose).Forks – examine them closely to ensure they’re parallel.


The frame of the bike should not be bent or damaged to any degree. You can run your fingers along it to find any dent or cracks. Check from the side to the places between the down and top tubes meet with the top tube. If you spot the appearance of a dent or bulge then the bike may have been involved in a collision which has caused damage to the frame. Do not buy a bike that has damaged frames! could always replace the parts, however, the frame is the bike.


Although pedals aren’t very costly, extensive wear and tear on the pedals suggests they’ve been on the block several times, possibly hundreds of occasions. If someone claims it’s “like new” but the pedals are worn and the bike isn’t “like new. “


Examine the frames of steel carefully for signs of excessive corrosion. Serious rust is hard to remove and is a sign that the owner hasn’t loved and taken care of their motorcycle. He or had it lying in the rain instead of meticulously oiling and cleaning the bike. A little surface rust is fine however, serious rust could cause the bike to deteriorate and make it unsafe.

Seat post

Are you able to shift the post of your seat upwards and downwards? Usually you can test this using an easy release lever. However, with certain saddles, you’ll require the aid of a tool.

Sometimes, the posts for your seat are solidly rusted, and that you won’t be able to adjust the saddle to the ideal height. These posts can be extremely difficult to unstick. So if you find that the saddle is in the wrong position and you are unable to move it, then you ought to skip the whole bicycle. If you use your saddle that is too high or low, you’ll experience knee pain in the near future.


Look for broken damaged, broken or bent spokes that can cause many issues, and aren’t simple to repair.


In the event that the tires are damaged, the bike has had many miles of usage and a good set of tires could cost you a lot of cash. Also, the tires shouldn’t be dry or damaged.Tires – If the tires are worn or damaged, then the bike has been through many miles and a quality set of tires could cost you a significant amount of cash. Also, the tires must not be cracked or dried out.


In the first place, the wheels should not be bent badly. However, there are instances where damage to the wheel isn’t as apparent. Therefore, you must verify that the wheels are indeed in good condition (i.e. that they aren’t wobbly). Grab one end of the bike and turn the wheel, trying to spot a wobble. When you maintain an eyes on a specific point like the brake pad or a brake pad, you’ll be able to determine if certain wheels pass through it more tightly than other parts.

A minor wobble may suggest that the rim needs to replace the rim. If there is a large wobble, the wheel is not functional and the bike could have been in a serious accident that could be causing damage to other items also.

If you’re not an expert, bring a knowledgeable friend along when you shop for an Used Bike

As you can see, there are many things to look into. Therefore, if you’ve got an item you’re serious about considering, but you’re not knowledgeable about bikes, make sure to join a buddy who is.

If you do not have a trusted person to talk to, the best option is to find an expert from a bike shop to evaluate the condition of your bicycle for you. For this, you must be in good contact with the bike shop. If you don’t have a relationship because it’s your first bicycle, inform them that you’ll bring every business that you plan to bring to them when you locate an appropriate bike. A decent bike shop will generally be willing to help even if it’s only to offer a brief “Run away!” or “Looks pretty good.”

But, of course, you are able to only do this If the seller is willing to allow you to take the bike to a retailer prior to paying for it. This isn’t the case in the case of someone you have never have a relationship with on the internet.

Before you Buy a Used Bike, Take if for a Test Ride

It’s important to get on your bike and take it for a ride before purchasing a used bicycle. This is true even if you purchase a brand new bicycle. The fit and comfort of the bike will determine the extent to which you actually utilize the bike at all. It’s a bit difficult to determine. You might know your body’s dimensions, however a specific brand that fits that size might not be suitable for your body.

When I offer to sell a bicycle I typically recommend that prospective buyers try the bike out for an initial ride. If they’re strangers, I request that they give me their ID. It’s reasonable to ask prospective buyers to take the same action. If you’re a male and want to travel with your wife with you. People are inclined to trust couples more than single males. I am not a psychologist therefore I don’t know the reason for this however it’s generally the scenario.

What You Should Check on Your Test Ride

Before you take the bike out for a ride set the seat’s in the appropriate height for you and ensure that whether the brakes are functioning. After that, take the bike for a ride down the road closest to you. Make sure to change the gears all way down and up while you’re riding!

After you have ridden the bicycle, be sure to check the following aspects:

  • Do you feel stretched?
  • Are you able to discern where you’re going without injury to your neck?
  • Do your shoulders and back are hurting?
  • Are you able to comfortably remain in this location for an hour or longer?
  • Are your hands able to comfortably reach and operate the brakes and gears? (This could be a challenge for those who have smaller hands, and that’s why several bike manufacturers design female-specific bikes.)

Additionally, if you take an old bike across the street several times, you’ll find out if the brakes and gears are operating properly. Pay attention to gears that jiggle or stick. This issue can be fixable, however, they can also cost a lot of repairs if the damage severe.

Don’t Support Bike Thieves!

Although stolen bikes can be inexpensive, purchasing them helps those who cause unhappiness to their victims by stealing their beloved bikes. Additionally, in many jurisdictions, where you’re caught with a stolen bike , you are in the wrong whether you know the bike was stolen or it wasn’t. It is mandatory to surrender the bike to police and probably not be able get the money back from the person who you purchased it from and you could be subject to legal charges. Therefore, you should not wish to be there!

There is a website named Perfecto launched by a cyclist who wishes to make it easier for you to ensure that you aren’t purchasing a stolen bike. Users are required to sign up on Strava (although you don’t need to be already a Strava user to access the website). There are other steps implemented to decrease the chance that the bicycle will be taken away. It’s a great idea to check the bike out while searching for a good second-hand bicycle. It is primarily located in the USA however, there are bikes from other countries.

Red Flags to Watch out When Purchasing a Used Bike

There are some great bargains online, provided you are willing to wait and have some experience. But, some of the listed bikes are old and rusty that are being sold by someone who wants to sell them. Some are so hot, they’re smoldering (that is, taken).

There are a lot of warning signs to help determine which bikes to avoid. Here are a few of the most crucial ones.

Repeated Postings

The identical bikes are being republished time and time and over. If they were an affordable price, wouldn’t you purchase them?

If those bikes are being republished every day this is undoubtedly a red flag. If someone is in this state of desperation then this could be the principal source of income. So, the person could be a bike theft thief. BUT be aware that some people are enthused in repairing and selling their old bikes and some do it for a cause. Therefore, some of these ads may be genuine and come from those who have taken their time and restored the best bicycle. If so you can’t get a better deal from a more trustworthy person generally speaking.

If you are unsure, speak to the seller over the phone. It shouldn’t take long to gain a clear idea of the person you’re dealing with. For instance, I phoned someone who was looking for me to be met at a bus station immediately and who offered to knock fifty dollars of my $200 charge if I got there in just 30 minutes. The guy sounded uneasy and somewhat hysterical. I had the impression that I was talking to a bike-thief who was feeding a habit of drug abuse. Even although the bike was an excellent bargain, I didn’t take it over.

Cagey Sellers

Always ask a few questions about the past of your bike for example “How old is it?” and “Did you buy it new?” and “How much have you used it?” If you see someone become defensive or cynical when asked about the past or the bicycle, simply run away. If the seller however is open to talking about the background and the history of his bike then you are likely to be dealing with an honest seller.

I am aware that one of my most memorable purchases came from an amazing woman who openly admitted that she’d almost never been on her bike due to of back surgery. She also explained to me the location where her bike was stored inside her garage over the past 3 years. After leaving, she looked through her belongings and discovered several new and brand new items that were still in their boxes including a costly front light! I was ecstatic about the bike and it ended up being an excellent purchase. It was an 2009. Trek 7.5 FX – three years old but new. It was Maggie’s first bike.This is the truly great second hand motorcycle (Trek 7.5 FX) I purchased for Maggie on the internet, through Craigslist

Beware of Empty Superlatives

Keep an eye out for many empty superlatives Like the ones in an actual advertisement on Craigslist:

“incredible bike. I am in love with this bike it’s a total attention-grabbing bike and people always ask me where they can get one! … Black beautiful … masterpiece of artwork … beautiful bike!”

The most disappointing thing about this advertisement was that it didn’t specify the manufacturer, model or the time of the bike, however, it did include a photo of what appeared to be an unbranded department store bike that had components that were low-end! The idea is that strings of exaggerations can be used when there aren’t concrete facts to sell the bike.

Beware of Generic Photos

If the seller uploads an generic picture that shows the bicycle this could be an indication of fraud. It could indicate that the seller doesn’t wish to share a picture of the actual bike since the actual bike may have recently been taken from somebody who may be looking through advertisements on the internet, or looking to see if it is missing. It’s not always the case because some people aren’t yet mastered digital photography. However, it should be taken as a warning signal.I used this picture to promote my BH Race bicycle from Panasonic on the internet. The bike being displayed in my house and with my dog was intended to convince prospective buyers that the bike wasn’t stolen.

Beware of these phrases when purchasing a used bike and what they really refer to

“I don’t really know anything about bikes.”

Beware of this as it could be a sign of: “I know the bike is wrecked/bent/broken beyond hope, so I want to pretend ignorance so that you won’t phone back and yell at me when it falls apart.” Of the course, it could be a sign that they don’t know much about bikes. Which is fine if you have.

“My roommate left it behind.”

This could mean a variety of things, including “I know the bike is wrecked/bent/broken beyond hope, so I want to pretend ignorance so that you don’t phone back and yell at me when it falls apart,” or “It’s stolen”.

“The photo doesn’t show a saddle but I do have one/you can buy one really cheap.”

It’s likely to mean “It’s stolen.” (Because many people remove their saddles whenever they park their bikes to discourage bike thieves, but it’s not always successful.)

“The photo doesn’t show a front wheel but I do have one/you can buy one really cheap.”

This is a stolen bike”. (Because certain people remove the front wheel when parking their bicycles to stop bike thieves from taking their bikes But, as with all things it doesn’t always work.)

“Must sell this bike today!”

“It’s stolen”.

“Barely used!” or “Ridden only 4 times!”

It’s possible that there’s some good reasons that this bike hasn’t been utilized. The reason could be due to the fact that it’s a bad bike, and a terrible ride. If the current owner isn’t happy with it is there a reason why you would wish to ALSO have a bike you do not want to ride? (BUT when there’s a compelling reason to not ride it – like back surgery, it’s a different story. Let’s not overlook the fact that many people purchase bikes with the best intentions of starting a cycle and becoming fit, but fail to keep up with their plans. Naturally, this isn’t going to happen to you!)

“Rare!” “Vintage!” “Seldom found!”

Most of the time, these words mean that the bike is not worth buying. say about the vehicle, and the seller wants you to think it’s an exceptional piece of art to purchase before others notice it … And typically the bike isn’t very unusual, as you’ll soon discover when you spend some time looking around through the Internet.

Sellers to Watch out For

There are also the ignorant and/or sly posters. Beware of these since it’s more beneficial to purchase a second-hand bike from someone who is aware of the subject matter and is honest and honest. Thus, it is best to stay clear of the following:

Sellers who believe they are “old” is spelled “vintage”

What happens when these sellers be able to realize that a bike that’s actually old and ineffective? Because it’s old does not mean that it can suddenly transform into the “vintage” bike that is worth hundreds of dollars. In every advertisement I’ve ever seen , the term “vintage,” the word simply meant “old.”

Of course, removing all bikes that are labeled “vintage” would be a problem if you’re seeking a vintage bike (and there’s often some of them for sale on the internet). This is a case of conducting your own research in order to confirm the claim of the seller.

People who price their used bikes

There are many of them, however if you’ve done your homework and are aware of what new bikes cost, you’ll most likely spot them right away. Another indicator is that high-priced bikes will typically be advertised repeatedly and again. Be aware that if you purchase a second-hand bike, you won’t receive warranty or after-sales care or service.

In addition, the bike that was used may have been used for years. A used bike should be considerably less expensive than a newer model in order to be worthwhile!

People who claim “the bike comes with Shimano gears”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something really wrong in the bike. It’s just not a good way to describe it. With the knowledge that Shimano has basically dominated the entire market in bike gears, it’s similar to telling a potential buyer that “the bike has two wheels!” Given that Shimano gears can range from low quality to top quality, this tells a prospective buyer absolutely little about their bike.

Advertisers who do not bother to make mention of the size of the bicycle

What can you, the prospective buyer, know whether the bike will be of useful to you, even if you don’t know its dimensions? You could be 5 feet tall and the bike advertised may fit someone 6 feet tall! Bikes don’t come in one size that fits all, and humans are a variety of kinds of shapes and sizes. Also, this kind of oversight says more about the person selling the product than about the bike itself.

It is, however, my biggest pet peeve when it is about bike advertisements that are sloppy. Then there are ads that claim “man-sized” bike or “woman-sized” bike … what if it be my five-foot-tall Uncle Pete or my 6-foot-tall Aunt Emma? The issue with these ads is that they require buyers to spend time looking for the exact size. If you make contact, you might find that the seller doesn’t even know the dimensions that the bicycle is! This means that the whole process will be an unnecessary waste of time because I would not spend the time or money traveling around town to look at the bike when I didn’t be aware of its size.

Additionally, I’ve had the experience of an individual who refused to give specifics regarding the dimensions of a bike I inquired about. In frustration, I sent him an email stating “I are 6.1 My wife’s is 4.11. Which one of us be more suitable?” He replied: “I have bikes for both of you.” Then I searched for ads on the internet, and discovered that the same man appeared to be selling a number of bikes, but was uninformed and naive about each one. I concluded that he was likely an alleged bike theft thief and decided to give up on the guy.

Sellers who don’t bother identify the manufacturer or brand

This makes life more difficult, since it is impossible to examine the bike if simply know “it’s a bike.” In this instance, I believe that it’s not a quality brand and disregard the advertisement.

Sellers who do not post an image, or upload simply a generic image

It is a lot of work and time to see the bike, therefore you need to view a picture before you go. Photos that are generic scare me because they may indicate that a bicycle has been stolen. Sometimes, they are used in a way that buyers are unable to determine the condition of the vehicle.

Sellers who do not post any information on the bike they sell

Also, since it can take time and effort to see the bike, you’ll require a great deal of information prior to the visit. For instance an example, a person recently posted the purchase of a Colnago at $750 for sale on Craigslist. The text of the advertisement contained just one phrase: “colnago”! This one word is a big deal in the cycling industry in that Colnago is a top brand.

But, I felt it was quite disrespectful for potential buyers to demand the price of $750 to purchase a bike and not have enough respect for potential buyers to provide any information regarding the bike. The seller didn’t give buyers enough information to determine if this is an acceptable price. It could be a great purchase, but the potential seller ought to have taken the time to inform us about the price. How many words could you write for $750? More than one I’m thinking … And I’m sure you’ll find the motivation to press the Shift key to achieve the capital letters. I’m sure I would!

I could not help but think that the seller didn’t possess the necessary energy to write the message, he would not have the energy to keep up with this bicycle. It’s an advertisement that entices me to write a quick email that says “Dude, are you kidding me?” But unfortunately, I’m way from being nice enough to do that. One thing is for sure I won’t give $750 to someone who has shown how little respect they have for potential customers.

Sellers who do not post anything other than general cut-and-paste info

It’s acceptable to cut and paste specs of the vehicle and include the information in an ad in the event that the seller includes certain personal details including the state the vehicle is in, how long it’s been in use, why it’s being sold, and so on. However, just providing the specifications that the seller clearly copied from a different site isn’t going to give you any information you can not discover on the Internet you.

Good Quality Modern Bikes

In the case of bikes, it’s generally secure to judge the quality of a bike by the brand name and the latest cost. There are certain manufacturers that make high-quality bikes. If they are new, they are usually sold exclusively in bike shops . You won’t be able to find them in department stores like Target, Canadian Tire, Sears or Walmart.

Each Brand has a Range of Quality and Price

Each brand is a collection of that ranges from the lowest level of high-quality frame and components to the most high-end top-quality frame and components. The pricing range represents the range of quality. For instance, a basic Devinci commuter bike will cost 459 dollars (the Devinci Milano), however, the highest-end Devinci Sydney will cost you nearly three times the amount $1,599. Of course, if you want carbon-fiber frames for your Devinci commuter and the Devinci Helsinki will cost $2,299. Ouch. Luckily, the average cyclist doesn’t need carbon-fiber bikes.

Therefore, there is a broad choice of both price and quality. But the one thing you can be certain of is that every bike manufactured by any of these manufacturers is of decent quality when it was built and put together. If it was well-maintained and not employed for purposes it was not intended for – like one-track mountain bikes that was used for downhill hopping – the bike should be an acceptable quality bike.

A good quality bike will give you an improved, more efficient riding experience. Additionally, you’re more secure on a high-quality bicycle – it’s not unusual for bicycles from department stores to break down in their first time out. They were built, after all by people who have little or nothing about bikes. Imagine a bike breaking as you ride it, and you’re likely to do yourself some injury.

List of Good Quality Bike Brands

This is a listing of top quality brands of bikes which are typically worth buying (in an alphabetical fashion, but not by an order according to preference). This is not an exhaustive list, as there are so many top bikes out there that it’s hard to list all the top bikes:

  • Argon
  • BH
  • Bianchi
  • Brodie
  • Brompton (for folding bicycles)
  • Cannondale (especially its road bikes)
  • Cervelo
  • Dahon (for folding bikes)
  • Devinci (especially its hybrids)
  • Diamond Back
  • Eddie Merckx
  • Felt
  • Fuji
  • Gary Fisher
  • Ghost
  • Giant
  • GT
  • Jamis
  • KHS
  • Kona (especially the mountain bike)
  • Kuota
  • Le Mond (now part of Trek)
  • Marin
  • Norco (especially its mountain bikes)
  • Pinarello
  • Raleigh (not every one of them; so be aware)
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Santa Cruz
  • Schwinn (not all of them, however, you should be selective Quality has been declining since they started selling through large box stores)
  • Scott
  • Specialized (especially their gorgeous bicycles for road and extremely versatile tricross bikes)
  • Surly
  • Trek
  • Univega

Consider Buying a New Bike Online

Sometimes, a new bike can be also a bargain! Amazon provides a wide selection of decent bikes that are available for purchase online at affordable prices. In particular, I was pleased to discover it was announced that Raleigh is now begun selling its bikes on Amazon. Since bikes are eligible to receive prime shipping, you can be able to get your bike in a short time. Amazon also has excellent alternatives for assembly. For instance, certain bikes costing more than $500 can be delivered at no cost to an area Performance Bike or Velofix location where they will put together the bike on your behalf and at no cost.

You could also pay $77 to have the bicycle delivered to your home and an Amazon mechanic from the network of retailers and shops will build it for you. It is possible to assemble your bike on your own, should you be skilled enough. If, for instance, the particular retailer does not provide alternatives for assembly, you can make a deal with the local bike shop for a small amount to put it together for you. Ask them prior to placing your order, to confirm that they you are able to put together the exact bike you’re planning to purchase. If they’re, that is a sign that it’s a quality bike. A lot of bike shops will not accept “department store” bikes.

Here are a few bikes from Amazon that could be suitable for you. Each of them has favorable reviews, and are available at excellent price. The first bike is designed to hold riders of with a weight of up to 350lbs (most bikes are rated for those who weigh 200lbs).

How to Buy a Good Quality Used Vintage Bike

If you are looking to buy vintage, authentic or older bikes can be more challenging. It’s all about the brand, but it’s also more difficult due to the fact that the market changes with time. But, if you’re trying to locate a great vintage bike, here’s some advice by Retro Grouch:

“Here are your bikes you can sell your soul to:

  • Colnago
  • Pinarello
  • Cinelli
  • Merckx
  • Masi (the authentic older ones)
  • Olmo (ditto)
  • Pogliaghi
  • De Rosa
  • Litespeed”

On this list, I’d be adding Bridgestone. I haven’t seen any of these listed for auction online.

Used Bikes to Strenuously Avoid

Retro Grouch also offers a warning about many bikes, and unfortunately they are very common. He outlines the bikes that should be avoided with caution in the following manner:

“… These (bikes) aren’t good enough to be used by a bottle-picker, no matter how they are brand new.

  • CCM
  • Huffy
  • Western Flyer
  • Murray
  • Infinity
  • Motiv
  • Free Spirit
  • Supercycle
  • Dunlop
  • Pacific
  • Mongoose
  • Carerra
  • Fila”

Keep these names in mind, be cautious about them! I’ve heard from a few individuals that some of these bikes may be okay however if the cost is low, and it feels comfortable for you and it could be the best bike that you can afford , then take it. A bike that is good for you will always be superior to none bike and can be an opportunity to start getting into cycling.

I’ve seen an individual riding on a Supercycle to work. The bike was creaking and groaned however I was impressed with the lady who managed to move in any way. Personally, I am to Retro Grouch that these bikes should be avoided in the event that you are able to afford more expensive. If not, examine them carefully and ensure they aren’t sagging while you’re on them.

Remember that for the amount that advertiser are asking for a second-hand bike that has one of these names You might be able to purchase a very good low-end quality bike at the local bicycle shop. The majority of these bikes are covered by lifetime warranties for their frame.

There are many additional costs to consider When you purchase a used Bike

Keep in mind that the cost paid for second-hand bike might not be what you paid for it. This is due to the fact that it is vital to take your used bike to an establishment that sells bikes and get it examined once you’ve bought the bike. (Unless you are an expert and know how to assess the condition of the bike on your own.) If you don’t get your used bike tested (and likely maintained) you are at risk of a possibility of having a serious accident. It is therefore recommended to spend money to have your brand new bike tested.

If the bike you bought requires servicing, it will need to pay for that as well as need to cover the cost of replacing one or two components. You may also require getting the saddle height and the handlebar height adjusted in case you’re not sure how to accomplish it.

Commuting on Your New Used Bike

If you are planning to ride your new second-hand bike, you might require some mud flaps or an upright, a decent set of lights along with a bell as well as back-view mirror (such as the Mirrycle).The Mirrycle It is a great security feature that I would strongly recommend. It has saved my life at the very least once, alerting me to a car that is that was behind me. If you notice something that is dangerous behind you, you should be aware of it. It can also help you be a considerate cyclist If you can spot other cyclists who are faster than you it is possible to stay away from their path!

A good option if you intend to commute to work on a bike is a set tire that are puncture resistant like the extremely good Schwalbe Marathon tires.

If you can spare a few dollars, puncture-resistant tires will save you hours of frustration and stress. Tires that are flat can cause you to be late for work and general cause you to lose your day. If you’re commuting on a bicycle in a large metropolis, the tires certain to travel across a variety of obstacles which could cause an instant puncture. I’ve had several punctures myself prior to switching to Schwalbe.

In short, you can expect to pay anything from $30 to several hundred dollars to have your brand new, but used bike in good shape. It is best to purchase a second-hand bike that is matched to your needs as closely as you can, and is in good condition.

If You Can, Buy a Great Used Commuter Bike

A lot of sellers sell excellent commuter bikes, that are fitted and fully functional online. If biking to work is what you want to do then this could be a great bargain. Making purchases of all the pieces and bits can add up to a lot of money in a short time.This is a perfect set-up commuter bike. This is my personal Specialized TriCross, which I listed on Craigslist when I no more required it. The buyer received an amazing bike that is perfectly set-up for biking commuting at less than the amount I put into it.

Bargain Used Bikes CAN be Found Online!

There are ethical people who repair bikes to sell them on the internet. If you are able to locate one then you can get an incredible bargain, and keep a bike from being thrown away! Additionally, in wealthy societies, there are many who own valuable bikes that they don’t make use of, and they are often sold at cheap price.

As an example, I own two fantastic mountain bikes that are entry-level I have one of them a Norco and one called a Scott. I purchased the Norco new, and then the Scott was found on Craigslist.It’s the bike I own, my Norco Storm mountain bike, which I bought brand new.

The Norco is a fantastic bike. It it cost me around 1,000 dollars, including tax. The Scott is a fantastic bike that cost about $500 ($450 to the seller and $50 for the bike shop to make it flawless). Both bikes share similar components. The Norco is a little better than Scott, but it isn’t as good as Scott However, it’s not $500 more and certainly not twice as great.

In the applications I use mountain bikes they are both suitable. Of obviously the Scott came without an assurance, but I’ve never required any kind of warranty for either one of them since they’re both in great condition.

It is possible to satisfy the needs of a cyclist for 50% of the price by purchasing an old bike, and in some cases, for less. In the end, even a brand new bike can be utilized after having used it for a few hours …

In actual fact, I’m able to say that I found the most amazing deal on a bike on Craigslist (and that one fantastic deal is likely the reason why I’m still addicted to Craigslist). It’s the 90-year old Bridgestone MB-2, loving and carefully designed in the time when mountain bikes were built incredibly well.I scored my most amazing bike purchase ever from Craigslist (and that particular bargain is the reason I’m still hooked on buying second-hand bikes on the internet). It’s this gorgeous and stunning 90-year old Bridgestone MB-2, cleverly crafted at a time when mountain bikes were built incredibly well.

Bridgestone bikes were built in Japan under the guidance of the master design engineer Grant Petersen, and mine is an absolute pleasure to ride. It is actually more enjoyable than my other bikes. I purchased it from Craigslist for a few hundred dollars. It wasn’t well taken care of, but it had also not been frequently used or even abused and therefore required only a little effort to get back into good running condition. I love this bike! It’s true that I believed that this was a fantastic purchase because I’d conducted lots of research on Bridgestone bikes on the Internet.

Also, there are excellent bikes to be located online, be it Craigslist or eBay Kijiji or any other websites however, you must go through a few frogs before you can get started …