An In-Depth Guide on Sustainable Travel

How to Make Your Next Trip More Eco-Conscious

In the past few times, sustainable travel has gained a lot of attention. We have gained more awareness of risks and dangers that come with unsustainable travel like the pollution of microplastics or the increase in emission of carbon. There has been more attention paid to the need to adopt more sustainable traveling and how to limit the impact on the environment.

What Is Sustainable Travel?

The term sustainable travel is described in many different ways:

  • Eliminating the amount of carbon emissions
  • Doing the minimal amount of damage to the environment when traveling, as well as performing tasks
  • Contributing to local communities and culture by donating and spending money through small, local businesses.

Why Sustainable Travel is Paramount For Our Environment

Travels are in the main part linked in carbon emission that are a major contributor to the climate change. While some modes of transportation are more efficient than others, it’s important to note that there’s an significant distinction when traveling by plane, as opposed to a automobile.

Air travel once a year releases greater than 20% of carbon dioxide that a car would emit in the year. In the year of 2018, 895 tonnes of CO2 were released caused by the air by itself. Traveling on ships emits a lot of greenhouse gases in comparison to a single vehicle. It takes more than the 260 million cars to achieve the same pollution level as just a handful of ships!

Attitudes Towards Sustainable Travel

There are divergent opinions about sustainable travel. Although there’s an overall majority who are willing to alter their lifestyle to become more environmentally sustainable but there are those who are resistant to change their habits.

Individuals who are actively seeking to travel sustainably take actions like choosing eco-friendly hotels and assisting communities in the area, and taking part in activities that are not polluting while on vacation, like cycling and hiking.

The majority of travelers aren’t inclined to sustainably travel due to a myriad of factors like being unable to find a sustainable destination less attractive, not being financially able to pay for sustainable travel, or simply not having a clear idea of ways to make a difference in the environment.

5 Ways to Engage in Sustainable Travel

There are many methods to travel more sustainable. These can be subdivided into five steps:

1. Be Mindful of the Method of Travel

The use of ships or airplanes release much more greenhouse gases than automobiles emits than cars. Be aware of which transport method you need to use. If you’re planning a trip to the United States, for example, traveling via bus, train or car are better alternatives to flying.

2. Beware of causing harm to the environment through holiday activities

If you are involved in social activities like parties or going hiking when you are abroad Be mindful of leaving the natural environment in the same condition as prior to your visit. The litter that is left in the natural environment could endanger biodiversity , including the life of animals and plants when you come into contact with things that do not break down over the course of many years.

3. Support Local Communities

Popular destinations like Ibiza, Bali, and Cancun depend upon tourism to help boost their economies. But, there’s a huge difference in how the money invested in multinational corporations actually returns to the local population. Give back to small enterprises who share a percentage of the profits with society.

4. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Our world where there is an excessive amount of plastic that is disposed of after one single use. Water bottles are among the most common instances of plastic that are lost which then end up areas that shouldn’t be there for example, the ocean. Make sure you purchase an recycled drinking bottle and recycle all materials with a logo for recycling on it.

5. Opt For Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Eco-friendly lodging means that the property has been modified in a way that is environmentally friendly to its design and structure, so that it will have the most minimal environmental impact. Search for Green Key certified accommodation to find the one you want to book.