Yes. Only natural and organic raw materials, the absence of PCB and similar, and the hygienic process provide a product which is certainly well suited for organic food production.

EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is a fertilizer meant to apply to plants. It is NOT a food additive or such. Small quantities swallowed or in skin contact should not be harmful. But like any other such product it should not be swallowed  in higher quantities.

We advise to do so for additional safety and comfort for the user. It is not essentially necessary to treat EYO GREEN BAT POWER® like a harmful substance.

The effect is due to the intelligent design of the EYO GREEN BAT POWER® fertilizer which helps to enable the plants to take up and use the nutritional content.

Diluting EYO GREEN BAT POWER® with water prior to application is essential.  Typical dilution range is between 1:2000 and 1:200. The total quantity of diluted EYO GREEN BAT POWER® ready for use depends on the way of application (hobby, sprinkler, drip irrigation …).

Details for all applications can be found the the application section of this site, on the container label or in the information leaflets.

Over-dosing EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is hardly possible. Effects like burning have not been observed even in overdosing by the factor of 3.

Due to the concentrated liquified formulation and the design of the composition you need less fertiliser. The foliar feeding  improves the supply of nutrition to the leaves. Reduced complexity and long term storage without losses  are additional factors of economy.

EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is heat treated during the process and there are no more pathogens or  active weed seets in the liquified product.

  • EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is checked by independent state laboratories before every export / import into EU.
  • Bottles are sealed, so there is not entering pathogens after the bottling.
  • EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is not a „classical” bat guano fertilizer, which is a dry, untreated powder product.
  • During the ministry approval a certified laboratory is testing EYO GREEN BAT POWER® for pathogens.

During production process , the bat guano in EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is heated to high temperature over several hours. Any unwanted bakteria or pathogens are thus eliminated and making EYO GREEN BAT POWER® a hygienic and safe product.

Bat Guano, with its preserved nutrients, is one of the best plant fertilizers available and it is known to be a very effective fertilizer for centuries. Bat Guano has a long history as a natural source of plant nutrients and was very popular until the introduction of chemical fertilizers. For hundreds of years bat guano has been considered the best fertilizer to build stronger roots, stems and abundant vegetable yields while revitalizing the soil structure and decreasing the fertilizer requirements. Soluble nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements in bat guano improve plant vigor and provide plants the power they need to both grow and bloom.

Bat Guano is one of the best organic fertilizers known to earth. It is high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other micro-nutritients for healthier plant growth. Whether you are planting indoor or outdoor, whether it is ornamental, fruit, vegetable, nuts or potted plants, bat guano has something for your plantation, making it the perfect plant nutrition.
Besides making your  plants greener, healthier and more fruitful, it has the potential to act as:

  • soil enricher / improver, 
  • anti-toxin, which are produced after applying herbicides and pesticides
  • natural fungicide to restrain nematodes

Many gardeners, farmers and agricultural experts are questing to limit down the pace at which chemical fertilizers are being used. Following the alarming consequences of the synthetic products shift is drifting to apply organic products, but many of the organic products could merely show up satisfactory NPK outcome. Nevertheless, bat guano is something totally different from other organic fertilizers.
Liquid bat guano is an extraordinary organic fertilizer to feed up essential nutrients to your plants. Usually organic fertilizers are supposed to be slower in action and less concentrated in nutrients compared to chemical fertilizers but bat guano don’t fall into this category. EYO GREEN BAT POWER® outclasses other organic fertilizers in terms of nutrients concentration and their releasing speed as well as cost-saving low quantity consumptions.