EYO GREEN BAT POWER® ingredients are

  • All natural
  • Pure and hygienic
  • 100 % organic

Purified bat guano from sources in Turkey harvested in environment friendly ways, is processed with water and organic additives.
The main resource BAT GUANO is known to contain all the macro- and micro-nutrients that plants require in a natural form. Due to the intelligent processing and combination with the other EYO GREEN BAT POWER® ingredients it has the potential to not only serve as a plant fertilizer, but also as soil enhancer, soil cleanser, fungicide, nematocide and compost activator.

The EYO GREEN BAT POWER® ingredients are processed in a way to yield a liquid concentrate. It can be easily mixed with water and fed into irrigation systems without danger of clogging. It is therefore also easy to use for foliar nutrition.

During the process the bat guano is homogenized and heat treated in order to eliminate any possible traces of pathogenes. The result is a healthy and safe product for hobby as well as professional applications. The liquid EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is nice smelling (“like forest soil after a rain shower”) and can be stored over long time without significant change of properties due to the air-tight sealing of the containers.

The unique composition of ingredients and their processing make EYO GREEN BAT POWER® a very powerful fertilizer product for all kind of plants, applications and for all types of soils.

The balanced micro element formula of EYO GREEN BAT POWER® ensures the stability and availability of the micronutrients to the plants.

EYO GREEN BAT POWER® supplies the plants with the right amount of nutrition at the right time in the right way. Best results, with up to 40 % higher yield and healthy plants are found in the unique and recommended combination of leaf and soil fertilization. The mechanisms of nutrition transport to plants have been investigated and analyzed in order to design a highly efficient product based on the all-natural and organic ingredients. The fertilizer works in synchronized steps to provide nutrition immediately as well as on a long term base.

EYO GREEN BAT POWER® is a formulation with a highly concentrated nutrient solution and suspension. Only a small quantity of the EYO GREEN BAT POWER® product is needed to supply the desired amount of nutrients, in leaf and soil fertilization.

EYO GREEN BAT POWER® has a low content of chloride, sodium and heavy metals, thus minimizing the risk of contamination, scorching or phytotoxicity.

During field tests it was observed that EYO GREEN BAT POWER® has the potential to enhance the soil, resulting in a well-balanced and healthy organic surrounding for the plants, leading to high quality crops of healthy and nutritious food for a better quality of life.

The described positive effects can be explained due to favorable microbes / bacteria which are originated from the specific components and production process of EYO GREEN BAT POWER®.There are additional positive effects due to the humic and fulvic  acids from the guano. They help to increase the water-holding capacity and air space of the soil and they are efficient decomposers of organic matter, THUS improving the soil. They have the potential to help in controlling soil borne Diseases and dangerous nematodes.

EYO GREEN BAT POWER® must not be mixed together with insecticides and pesticides because they would kill the microbes that Applied beneficiary.